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Oney's News

Posted by Oney - August 22nd, 2011

Hey Newgrounds,

Sorry about the lack of cartoons, come september I hope to get leo and satan up every 2 weeks at most. At first they will be uploaded on DemonVault.com. Then NG and Youtube. The site's really basic and unfinished at the moment, but feel free to try it out and PM me any bugs or stupid shit you find.

My good buddy PsychicPebble is doing the bulk of the animation, I'm doing the artwork and any animation he dosen't have time to do. The LA animation studio didn't work out, if anyone ever gets into the same situation where an LA studio promises to do good work for low cost, just get an animator on NG. I can't get into more detail than that so don't ask. :P

Hopefully we'll get 10 episodes done and I can have some time to tug myself when it's all over.

So yeah check out demonvault.com and don't go dying on me.

Oh and the pitching went well, Comedy Central and MTV were interested, well make these toons and see what happens.

bi bi



Posted by Oney - April 4th, 2011

Some crazy shit happening. People keep begging me for more Leo and Satan, I'm only 1 queer but I'm looking into getting a studio to do the animation for me, if they agree to it me and Sean are gonna pump one of these out every 2 weeks (every week if these guys agree) after summer, rather than every 5 years. Sorry for the wait (to anyone that cares) but for a complete loser I'm a pretty busy guy.

Also been working on a new website, will make a post next week if it's done.

This ep will be done in a few days. (I know i said that weeks ago but I had my fingers crossed)

Also anyone going to pico day at NG see you there, if I have ever offended you please don't beat me up.



Posted by Oney - March 14th, 2011

I was gonna make just a post about this problem I have in flash where when I put the pen to the tablet with pressure sensitivity it sometimes makes fucking annoying ass blobs that really piss me off but now that flash just randomly deleted a lot of frames from the timeline that i finished hours ago an didn't even bother deleting the frames that came after it (yes it picked out random frames to delete) I'm just gonna cry myself to sleep and wish that adobe fixed the things that mattered rather than adding shitty fire effects that no one will ever fucking use.

Flash Problems


Posted by Oney - February 14th, 2011

Leo and Satan 4 is coming along well, the sound and basic storyboards are done. Just gotta burst through it now. It's about as long as the first, gonna try and keep them short in future, that way I'll get much more out without getting bored.

After summer there'll be a Leo and Satan every 2 weeks, My friend Sean (the voice of satan) is going to help me make them, so I think this routine should be easy enough to follow through.

For those who have PM'ed me about merchandise, the website sharkrobot.com has stuff on the way.

Also I made (sigh) a fucking Twitter page, but I swear to christ, No bullshit.

You can find it here.

Leo and Satan 4 should be done in less than a month.



Posted by Oney - January 30th, 2011

Posted by Oney - January 18th, 2011

For anyone who gives a shit, we'll be making more Leo and Satan as soon as I get my fat ass outta college for the summer. Also planning more Jack Matthews and an episode of Esquire, the exposed entrepeneur from Leo and Satan 2. Gonna pull my thumb outta my ass and really try submit alot of stuff this year, including audio.

In other news

Leo and Satan was pitched by Mosaic Entertainment Group to every major network, including Adult Swim, Comedy Central, Fox, etc. Everyone apparantly said the same thing, they loved it but didn't want to deal with reiligious groups, so no Tv time for the boy and the devil. I don't mind though, this way me and Sean can make it the way we want to. Fox actually spoke with us, told us they were excited and never called back. A little rude, but thats what Fox is known for.

Gonna finish the college year, and then take a few cartoony shits.



Posted by Oney - December 30th, 2010


Posted by Oney - December 2nd, 2010


Amazing 3D Program


Posted by Oney - November 8th, 2010

I'm sorry it took so long sheesh. Go watch it, and hopefully like it.


Leo & Satan 3

Posted by Oney - October 19th, 2010

I'm aiming for November in the first week, I would a loved to have finished it by halloween ,which would have been great cos it's really halloween themed but I'm really trying to fix it up and I'm still in college, I hope you will not be disappointed by it ;D

The reason it has taken so long is cos we were approached by 2 producers, both of which wanted one more episode, so they could have 3 to pitch to TV. They really liked the humor, and basically said to come out with another ASAP, i kinda ignored em and spent way to much time on the arty side. I've busted my nuts working on the art for it, Sorry for the long wait, this is the mother that's being pitched to TV.

To anyone that cares thanks for being patient, and even if it dosen't get anywhere I really enjoyed making it.

Also thanks for the FP satan art adamkav ur preddy kool, and to Tom & Newgrounds for sponsoring it <3