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Posted by Oney - January 18th, 2011

For anyone who gives a shit, we'll be making more Leo and Satan as soon as I get my fat ass outta college for the summer. Also planning more Jack Matthews and an episode of Esquire, the exposed entrepeneur from Leo and Satan 2. Gonna pull my thumb outta my ass and really try submit alot of stuff this year, including audio.

In other news

Leo and Satan was pitched by Mosaic Entertainment Group to every major network, including Adult Swim, Comedy Central, Fox, etc. Everyone apparantly said the same thing, they loved it but didn't want to deal with reiligious groups, so no Tv time for the boy and the devil. I don't mind though, this way me and Sean can make it the way we want to. Fox actually spoke with us, told us they were excited and never called back. A little rude, but thats what Fox is known for.

Gonna finish the college year, and then take a few cartoony shits.




FIRST. Also, FOX sucks.

Don't want to deal with religious nuts? I was watching Adult Swim with some buddies and saw a commercial for a new show of theirs where this guy has to convince God not to destroy the earth by showing him there's good in the world. Seems a little hypocritical.

Even still, I agree it's a major plus to have creative freedom with your own baby. Just keep churning out their episodes, and when the ever-growing fan base becomes too vast to ignore, Leo & Satan could break out in a big way. Each episode has been getting consistently better, both in content and complexity, so I don't think you have anything to worry about. Fox has been leaning too hard on Seth MacFarlane's anal discharge to push for the "edgy humor" demographic...ever think that maybe Leo & Satan could contribute intimidating competition for their animated line-up?

lol er i dont see it competing with anything. i do agree though that any blammed submission on NG beats family guy

Leo and Satan are great, but will there be other random videos or projects you will be aiming for? Or revolving around the "Leo and Satan" universe? Just wondering, not trying to be rude.

Comedy network turned it down for that reason as well? I'm honestly surprised, they had a few things that could be deemed as far worse. Along with Adult Swim, have you tried MTV yet? Wouldn't hurt I guess.

Anyways I love the substory idea, and I think it'll be great. I hope to get many "lols" from this in the future.

Enjoy College ;3

well yeah, the druggy episode, we have a few ideas i wanna keep secret too. much stuff to come this year!

adult swim turned it down? what about moral orel and lucy, daughter of the devil? then again, I don't know if those shows are still on...

having little in jokes with reiligious characters is ok, actually having a show about the figure is different

wait, Adult swim has like, a bunch of shows about the devil and shit.
goddamn tv execs, knowing what they want but not wanting to do something fun.

aw well :P

Cool Man Ill be looking forward to these shits you speak of. I might even join ya along with this cartoony shit thing this year.

what a shitty year itll be

Adultswim is kinda bullshitting you Oney, I mean look at Squidbillies they have a preacher and a Jesus squid, then there is Family Guy thats on Fox and Adult swim which has Jesus in it same as Comedy Central's South Park and what not, It would be neat to see Leo and Satan be on TV but then like you said you would lose your creative choices and you would have some "professional" artists doing your work, not that your animations are bad there great, so then some "network changes" will be made on the show then it will be spit out as some FCC crap. Stick with NG and YT with Leo and Satan Oney its where they belong :D

yeah i dont really mind, coulda been a crazy ride tho

Yes but Satan is IN the name.

It's for the best, Oney. The internet is the way to go and we will BUILD.

together as a nation baby

nice work on that 3d :D

a free program called sculptris, made by the creators of z brush! very nice to use

Lulz. I like that. If it does get TV time, then that it just amazing. I would watch it EVERY FUCKING WEEK.

well now you can watch it every 5 months or so lolol

I call bullshit on Adult Swim saying that about religion. They just started advertising a show about god, the devil, and like an average joe.

And this was perfect for them too. God they air shit like 12 oz mouse but not Leo and Satan wuzzupwithat?

squidbillies sucks harder man

i told bmac what the post sed and bmac sez, people are fags and thats why the world can enjoy good things, like the leo and satan tv show.

o thad crazy goy!


um i didnt say that what i actually say is that oney is a sell out and im glad u got rejectd!!!!


ahh wtf adult swim sed they not gonna do leo and satan >:( ADULT SWIM PUT MORAL ORAL up with religios jokes but wtf y not leo and satan. its more funny than moral oral!

never even heard of that :P

that shits weak, fucking adult swim should be all over that. And that bull-shit about religious groups is ass, 'Lucy daughter of the devil' 'God the devil and bob' fucking squidbillies with jesus n shit. Best of luck to ya dude.

thanks towelmasteroflulz, youve always been a true pal

Actually I have to agree on Egoraptor because it's such a valid point. It does have "Satan" in it, I guess if you change Satan's name to something like it, it may pass through. But maybe not, you never know.

(Btw sorry about posting two times.)

some girl came up to my friend and was like omg are you da guy that makes stephen and the devil

Dude once I rule the world I would so let you have a TV show

thanks man, that'd be swell

Thank God you didn't get in Fox. Any good show they get, they cancel right away anyway.

Also I love you.

OH SHTEVE you always know what ta say

how the fuck are you a noob to 3D and yet YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME...
fffffffffffffff URGH...


nah man the program is way to easy to make good shit in

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