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1st guy to post above me is a pedophile and a liar.


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2012-04-25 15:11:19 by Oney

if i see u ur gettin kissed teehee

Help picking out a Laptop Tablet

2012-03-24 20:33:21 by Oney

Hey flash/digital artists, which one would be the most obvious choice? -TOUCH-160GB-SSD-8GB-THINKPAD-/160769586610?pt=L aptops_Nov05&hash=item256e9d35b2 -Tablet-X201-X220-4GB-Memory-/150533846595?pt=La ptops_Nov05&hash=item230c843643 LET-i3-2310M-MULTI-TOUCH-8GB-/160766449729?pt=La ptops_Nov05&hash=item256e6d5841 let-MultiTouch-IPS-320GB-Fingerprint-Win7-/30068 2542927?pt=Laptops_Nov05&hash=item4602137f4f op-PC-i5-2520M-4Gb-320Gb-12-5-MultiTouch-IPS-3Yr -/320871778429?pt=Laptops_Nov05&hash=item4ab572c 87d

Any help would be super appreciated!


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2011-08-22 09:55:00 by Oney

Hey Newgrounds,

Sorry about the lack of cartoons, come september I hope to get leo and satan up every 2 weeks at most. At first they will be uploaded on Then NG and Youtube. The site's really basic and unfinished at the moment, but feel free to try it out and PM me any bugs or stupid shit you find.

My good buddy PsychicPebble is doing the bulk of the animation, I'm doing the artwork and any animation he dosen't have time to do. The LA animation studio didn't work out, if anyone ever gets into the same situation where an LA studio promises to do good work for low cost, just get an animator on NG. I can't get into more detail than that so don't ask. :P

Hopefully we'll get 10 episodes done and I can have some time to tug myself when it's all over.

So yeah check out and don't go dying on me.

Oh and the pitching went well, Comedy Central and MTV were interested, well make these toons and see what happens.

bi bi


Why I make cartoons

2011-06-14 15:18:03 by Oney


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2011-05-16 22:24:47 by Oney

Hello NG,
Just thought I'd start by saying thanks tom for letting me stay and thanks everyone for putting up with my faggotry. (especially jeff) (and rob)
Pico day was cool, congrats to the weiners.

Now on to shit thats really uninteresting, 6PointHarness will be animating Leo and Satan from now on, they're the guys that animated drawn together.the animation was great. I'm now on a budget, and they will basically animate Leo and Satan up to the standard of the 4th, that's what I can afford. I'm not begging for money but if you wanna donate here you can make the animation better. ;) (click the donate link at the top)

They are gonna be animating all summer, so no leo and satan till summers fucked off. :(

As for hiccups with leo and satan, I CANNOT DO LEOS FUCKING VOICE ANYMORE
I have tried everything but man you cant fight puberty. His pitch is different but the accents the same, i cant help it get fucking used to it.

Also I would submit this but it's to shit/short. Shirt.

Thanks all and goodnight.


Leo and Satan IV

2011-04-15 01:06:31 by Oney

Sorry for the wait, I hope you enjoy!

Leo and Satan IV