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New Cartoon

2010-01-28 16:26:59 by Oney

Yeah, you might wanna take a coffee break while you wait for this to load.


Also new Song(s)!

Numbor Wahn.
And da Numbor Dtu!

if you haven't played Helicops, please do!


New Cartoon

New Game

2010-01-19 07:02:49 by Oney

Helicops is in the Portal. Check it out!

I did the music and "Art". Mr. Lavelle was the mastermind and did all the coding, it's short, but pretty fun, give it a go.

My other game is still on the way, trying to think of ways to make it fun.

All the music in Helicops can be found here.

Until next time!

Helicops Soundtrack

2010-01-03 09:39:40 by Oney

Just Follow the Links.

1) Main Theme - Stopper Chopper - Loop

2) Boss Theme - Sky Fury

3) Intro/Level Complete - Victory is Easy

4) Title Screen - Victory Hill

5) Stopper Chopper - Full Song

6) Upgrade - Sneaky Manbat


A Billion New Updates

2009-12-24 13:35:39 by Oney

I made a new song and I'm making YET ANOTHER GAME with a faggot.

Merry Christmas you there


2009-12-19 17:59:46 by Oney



2009-11-24 16:52:00 by Oney

I've finally got time to work on the game with my bud Jo Silver. I've been animating the shit outta this one, it's really getting there.

I'm also making all the music for it with my friend Martin, the soundtrack is basically done, but I'm gonna wait for the game to be finished before I upload to the audio portal.

It should be done in about a month or 2.



New Cartoon

2009-10-16 19:31:45 by Oney

It's Rather Short but hopefully it'll tickle your dick

Here it is!

I made it for Irelands only fucking TV Channel, RTÉ, but with the language, I don't think it'll ever make it to public TV. just their Website. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

Lotsa new Shit!

2009-09-01 17:49:21 by Oney

Been rather musical lately! Check out 2 new songs here and here!

Game is currently on hold cos my PC crashed, I'm confined to a crappy laptop!

Also, I made partner on Youtube, No more bullshit hopefully!

Till next time faggot

London Meet Death Tragedy

2009-08-10 18:28:19 by Oney

Was Fun

Everyone was VERY NICE. Except one guy. He was a dick. Anyways, VIDAEA

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London Meet Death Tragedy

London Meet

2009-07-31 18:00:29 by Oney

Go to it.