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Posted by Oney - April 4th, 2011

Some crazy shit happening. People keep begging me for more Leo and Satan, I'm only 1 queer but I'm looking into getting a studio to do the animation for me, if they agree to it me and Sean are gonna pump one of these out every 2 weeks (every week if these guys agree) after summer, rather than every 5 years. Sorry for the wait (to anyone that cares) but for a complete loser I'm a pretty busy guy.

Also been working on a new website, will make a post next week if it's done.

This ep will be done in a few days. (I know i said that weeks ago but I had my fingers crossed)

Also anyone going to pico day at NG see you there, if I have ever offended you please don't beat me up.




Oi, the flash teacher at my College wants to thank you for the mouth tutorial you posted on youtube.

He says your timing is impeccable with lip synch and motion bob for added realism.

tell dat guy no problamo hunni scrunch


you forgot the L

All I hear from you are empty promises ;-;

Also, can I be queer too? We can be queer together if you like, we can have a gay old time, just like the Flinstones theme song talks about.

i'm gonna delete my NG account now... no but seriously i take hard cock up the ass

How can you afford to get a studio to make episodes for you? Are you very wealthy?

gotta spend money to make money

I notice you mentioned you take hard cock up the ass... tell me... do I have a chance? Look, I even polished it with shoe shine and everything.

why is everyone so gay geez

Man I sure wish I had like 100 Koreans to do my animations for me.

just american flash animators actually, none of that stiff simpsons bullshit no sir ee

fagit u nat alloudd at piko day

coming from da fagit kween

Sounds sweet, man

How are you going about finding your crew?

somehow got in with a rep company, they're doing all the work :)

If you get a studio to do it, will it still be animated in the tweening style you use or will they be FBFing alot more actions? In other words, will the style stay the same or change/improve?

I really don't know, I'd love the whole thing to be FBF but lord knows that'd cost 10x more so I guess it'll be a mix of tweens and fbf, like the way i currently do it. Hopefully I can still contribute and get them to do the tweens and me do the FBF.

you've never really offended me, but that's not gonna stop me from beating you up. even though i'm pretty sure you're bigger than me. but hey, i'm at least going to pick a fight. one of us is gonna be taught a lesson

the biggness is due to bruising from previous beatings.

Leo and satan is innapropriate.

for satanists but who cares

Getting it out on a regular basis would be amazing, good luck dude!

thanks ross ;)

you sir have made my cock hard


Chris come to London again this year so I can legally buy you a pint.
<3<3<3 xoxo - Lagamuffin

this may be the only year i cant go :(

^ What he said ^

i can see the future "Oney O Animation Company"

your hired!

see you there, i'm gonna beat you up.


You insulted me as soon as you apologized for any insults you have commited ( time 2 die fag). But before I ram my D!CK up your ass, I got one question... WHEN IS THE NEXT LEO & SATAN COMING OUT?!?! Gimme a release date B!TC|-|. I'm fuckin' hungry for some decent FUNNIES.

I'm not gonna say exactly when cus i don't know :(

So wait... if they agree is it going to be every week or every two weeks. You kinda said both.

i'm aiming for every week, but if the studio thinks that's too much then every 2 weeks.

Oney to be perfectly honest....YOUR THE FUCKING MAN! If I'm correct this is gonna be the best Leo and Satan yet!

ummmmmmmm i dunno, we'll see.

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