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that was great, hope you guys do more!

aw that was kawaii as shit christopher

Spinalpalm responds:

thank you papa O' Neill~ ( , ^ 0 ^ , )

good job steve, ur finally back in action????

SardonicSamurai responds:

no LOL jk <33

i liked a lot of the animation in this, good job

Hey man, I'm generally a fan of yout stuff, I think you're a good writer and you have really nice colors, sound, general effort is great basically. One thing I will say is I think your art style needs improvement, I think every character you draw has the same huge awkward body and alot of your characters are hard to follow because the faces in general are too similar too. I think you should try using reference for absolutely EVERYTHING you draw, when youre drawing an arm, bring up a picture on Google. Same goes for the small details, the police in this were all wearing tuxedos for some reason? Look up highway trooper uniform or whatever, these little things get people more immersed. Again, I see alot of potential for you to be great, otherwise I wouldn't bother reviewing, I'm a fan of your stuff and look forward to seeing more of your stuff. :)

Twisted4000 responds:

Hey, thanks a lot, ha ha I just drew suits, I didn't see them as tuxedos... but now... I see it... lol. I understand that I'm okay at a couple of things, but I also know that a lot of the stuff I do, which you pointed out, isn't so great yet. But I can't tell you how glad I am to see that someone like you thinks I'm generally good at what I do to an extent, and I know I'm pretty bad a lot of stuff, but that's why I always try to improve. I'm taking everything you said into account and will try to make my stuff even better/fix the bad things, there's a bigger video/series thing I want to start soon and I want it to be as good as I can do it right now. Thank you so much, looking forward to meeting ya!

emily, you are so strange :)

emily-youcis responds:

Thannk You Ol' Oney-O' Oney-O'Palll o'Neal!! I am so very pleased you liek it! It is good molestation~!!! Moar Hellbenders NecroPoarn to Come! NecropOarnDogSexZachnChrisBeastialityPenisAlfred


emily-youcis responds:

I hope by this you mean you were "touching" yourself while watching this. Thanks Much for the Five, Ol' ONeey Ol' PallyPal!!

Most inspiring animation I've seen in a long time, I've watched it at least 20 times and never get sick of it. I really appreciate the time and passion you put into this, I love absolutely everything about it. It's exactly the kind of thing I hope do do someday, great job.

dante is also fat and ruined his life by marrying someone that likes memes at a really young age

I feel like such a prick... I SWEAR it's getting there, super slowly but surely. Thanks for this lil tribute heehehe xxx

Jonimator responds:

Hehe dont sweat it. My newest animation came out almost 2 years after the previous episode, so you're doing better than me! Glad ya liked it!

I love this site.

Chris O'Neill @Oney




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