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What's with the TV wrestling going on there?

Well that'd definitely shit news to hear about.

I experience problems with the tablet creating large round blobs with pressure sensitivity when the program is lagging from all the vector art in the frame.
But never has the program actually deleted frames on it's own out of the fla.

Then again, I've never worked with Adobe's version of Flash so :/

Sounds like shit dude, gotta get that fixed up ASAP >:C!!

Sue Adobe, you'll have so much support behind you you wont believe it

animate on paper. the only way your frames will get deleted is if they spontaneously combust. but how often does that happen

yeah but then i cant use filters or tween

Flash not working? Surely you jest, for it is the most stable program I have ever had the delight of working with.


Man up, you Bottom. You're a crack animator who should know how to anticipate minor computer problems as these. And don't go back to 8. All the crashes you get while moving the pen tool around a whole lot must be far more annoying than pressure sensitivity foul-ups.

I swear, half the complaints I hear about these kinds of programs would be remedied if people did two things: save manually every five minutes, and check every single option and setting. Retool them to your preferences to save yourself from annoyances like "snap to object" bullshit and keep going. And what the hell happened to saving, creating back-ups, and restarting the machine every few hours?

The only flash problem I've ever encountered is when I forgot to put on the trench coat before I left that morning. Kind of defeated my intentions before I got started that day. Had to have been a Tuesday morning....

the problem here is i saved to often. i saved after the frames randomly deleted themselves no yeah theyre gone forever

Once your flash is fixed, you better be making a tribute to Casey.

I was tryed to animated something in flash once and I had a few layers, one for rough art and a couple for the finished art and for some reason when I erased stuff it just deleted everything even from the locked layers... piece of crap.

In relation to that video. HULK SMASH.

WTF?? How does that crap HAPPEN??

I have the same blob problem often. Also fast drawn lines end up angular.

you have to turn off the blob filter

You damn hippies with your tablets.

Flash is so glitched, but I still love it.

I blame adobe.

I also blame Barrack Obama, because I'm a racist and everything is his fault.

Try it on iPad2.
Might work wonders.

Yup I get that, its usually when I have my pen too thick, and/or I make my brush strokes too quickly. Just make sure your being consistant with your stroke pressure. If thats not the issue its the tablet may have an internal issue or you may just need to reinstall the drivers.

(skype me when you have issues bud) ;)

Did you fuck your computer? Every thing so far has been fixed by that.

That's what you get for being gay, karma oney, karma.


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