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2009-07-10 15:07:03 by Oney

Still blasting through the game, though my amazing programmer keeps vanishing...
Gameplay is still in early stages but it's coming together nicely.

Still lookin forward to London. I'm gonna stay with a big smelly cunt in a nice hotel.


I made YET ANOTHER video of a faggot youtuber getting plakowied.

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I saw this recently and shit my pants.

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Here's another screenshot of Gameplay, I hope it's well balanced!

More Stuff N' Shit

Stuff N'Shit

2009-07-02 19:34:11 by Oney

Crazy week. I've been contracted to RTÉ, (Irelands only fucking TV station) to make cartoons. Lets see how that works out.

Me and a fucking retardedly talented programmer have teamed up to make a game. Not power o' 3, just for fun. It's coming along swimmingly and looks to kick behind.

I'll be at the london meet, we can hold hands if you like. Keep an eye out for the game, we're really blasting through it.

Here's a informitive screenshot of what it'll include. SEE yuz next time!

Stuff N'Shit


2009-06-25 18:14:49 by Oney


New Cartoon!

2009-06-14 08:26:49 by Oney

Heya guys, I finished my exams, I'm done forever!
When I got home from school I made it my mission to make and finish something the next day, so
here's my comeback!

HappyHarry let me borrow one of his backgrounds for this, so thanks faggot!

The animation is very sloppy and I cheated alot with it, but I think it looks fine for it's purpose.
Hope you like it!

I'm gonna try and make some epic shit this summer, keep an eye out!

On a side note, I think Lazy Muffin's newest Toon and Primal War got a Daily First for the same date submitted lol

ttylbbq xoxoxox

New Cartoon!

New Toon

2009-06-12 22:38:24 by Oney


New Toon

2009-06-10 08:39:20 by Oney

It's really Long, you might want to go toilet first...

If you were to stupid to click that link click this one for extra cock points.

Enjoy it's Glory!

Horror Movies

2009-06-07 06:27:14 by Oney

I just saw Drag me to Hell and boy was it the best horror movie ever. It was genius, I can't remember the last time a horror movie impressed me so much. The Raimi brothers wrote it after they released Army of Darkness, but they only had the time to make it recently. Seriously, go see it. It's the perfect Movie to watch in a Theatre, everyone somehow bonds when watching it.

(there's an amazing lesbian scene as shown below)

Horror Movies


2009-05-25 07:36:00 by Oney

The-Exp used some of my music in Shift 4! Check it out on the front page, it's worth a play!

ps. don't go and see "I love you, man" I beg you


2009-05-16 17:44:07 by Oney

I sent my portfolio to the animation college a few weeks back, the portfolios marked out of 600. usually the really good porfolios get from 450-500 points.
I got the email from the college today that tells you what points you got and

I got scored 600/600.

This is fucking insane. I cant believe this shit, a perfect portfolio?! holy balls


2009-05-03 07:58:33 by Oney

Look what I made