Help picking out a Laptop Tablet

2012-03-24 20:33:21 by Oney

Hey flash/digital artists, which one would be the most obvious choice? -TOUCH-160GB-SSD-8GB-THINKPAD-/160769586610?pt=L aptops_Nov05&hash=item256e9d35b2 -Tablet-X201-X220-4GB-Memory-/150533846595?pt=La ptops_Nov05&hash=item230c843643 LET-i3-2310M-MULTI-TOUCH-8GB-/160766449729?pt=La ptops_Nov05&hash=item256e6d5841 let-MultiTouch-IPS-320GB-Fingerprint-Win7-/30068 2542927?pt=Laptops_Nov05&hash=item4602137f4f op-PC-i5-2520M-4Gb-320Gb-12-5-MultiTouch-IPS-3Yr -/320871778429?pt=Laptops_Nov05&hash=item4ab572c 87d

Any help would be super appreciated!


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2012-03-24 21:07:38

i think the first one would be good for anything you have to do........but the third one has more hard drive space and is a bit cheaper in price


2012-03-24 21:17:03

Your mom C;


2012-03-24 22:49:52

Suggestion: Anywhere but eBay.
Otherwise, I can't say there's a lot here I could help with on this.
Not much of a laptop person, crazy as that sounds these days.


2012-03-25 02:18:39

The one that will make you look the least like an ass hole when you are animating in a coffee shop...

My real answer would probably be the Last one though cause it looks less bulky and comes with a nice i5 processor... That is though that I don't know about the others, it's the only one that specifies it though, my computer with an i3 constantly lags and doesn't respond; its a bitch... I probably wouldn't get the one in the box if you couldn't see what it actually looks like and the second one doesn't give the best information, but to me, it looks like something a teacher might use...


2012-03-25 02:29:25

*About the second one being something a teacher might use; the picture it gives you is somebody drawing the process of mitosis..


2012-03-25 09:28:10

IBM LENOVO ThinkPad X200 Tablet X201 X220


2012-03-25 09:33:33

Dude, fuck Lenova's and get an Intuos 4 Large.


2012-03-25 17:35:29

get one which is Wacom Penabled.

Also, TheMAM, why would he want an Intuos4 when he already has a bloody Cintiq?


2012-03-26 00:14:12

i recommend the first one


2012-03-28 22:56:53

Your files take up a lot of space, so go for something with a large hard drive (500 gb + [if you're already going over the 1k limit for cash]). Memory-wise, Windows 7 needs 2 gigs to run, so things with 4+ gigs of RAM would be ideal. Processor? i5 or higher, i2 and core-2 Duo don't cut it anymore. Lenovo is more business-class than consumer-level, but if you're bent on Lenovo, make sure it has a graphics card that can pull the weight you need it to. Since you're dishing out cash, 1 gig of video memory, minimum...

Hard drive: 500 GB +
Memory (RAM): 4gb +
Processor: Core i5 plus, if you're going Intel
Video memory: 1gb +, non-integrated

And yeah, don't go to eBay for this... go to their official site, or somewhere like There are a lot more options there.


2012-04-04 17:06:52

They all suck like your face!


2012-04-04 19:44:19

theres 2 main tips:

if you want to draw like in paper only digitial. take a "Wacom"
but if you dont want a fucking hand in your face while drawing. take " Genius"

and...uh...oh....oh fuck.....;that shit is super expensive O_o.......


2012-04-06 09:44:02

say....can you do more DBZ fan musics??
cuz im making a crappy DBZ flash animation and i dont want to use the original soundtracks, to avoid fucking copyright claim. and the ones so far in audio portal kinda sucks. there are either annoying dubsteb remixes or loud heavy metal.

i hope you can :C


2012-04-10 11:05:09

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2012-04-13 09:23:25

the one with the thing on it