2011-05-16 22:24:47 by Oney

Hello NG,
Just thought I'd start by saying thanks tom for letting me stay and thanks everyone for putting up with my faggotry. (especially jeff) (and rob)
Pico day was cool, congrats to the weiners.

Now on to shit thats really uninteresting, 6PointHarness will be animating Leo and Satan from now on, they're the guys that animated drawn together.the animation was great. I'm now on a budget, and they will basically animate Leo and Satan up to the standard of the 4th, that's what I can afford. I'm not begging for money but if you wanna donate here you can make the animation better. ;) (click the donate link at the top)

They are gonna be animating all summer, so no leo and satan till summers fucked off. :(

As for hiccups with leo and satan, I CANNOT DO LEOS FUCKING VOICE ANYMORE
I have tried everything but man you cant fight puberty. His pitch is different but the accents the same, i cant help it get fucking used to it.

Also I would submit this but it's to shit/short. Shirt.

Thanks all and goodnight.



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2011-05-16 22:27:06

who will do leos voice now? some pro dude?

Oney responds:

if someone can mimic algebra aversion leo to perfection i want them


2011-05-16 22:31:35

that's super cool. Sixpoint are really great dudes, I can't wait to see what they do with leo and satan. Best of luck on all of it.

Oney responds:

they sure are


2011-05-16 22:43:04


Oney responds:

pitch shifting sounds weird


2011-05-16 22:44:17

wait do you need a new leo? Like seriously looking for someone?

Oney responds:

if they can do it spot on and have a great mic yeah


2011-05-16 22:45:01

Why must you embarrass me so with a picture of my pet turtle? I will kill you for this, sir.

Good day.

PS: I like turtles... indeed.

Oney responds:

im sorry


2011-05-16 22:50:48

Your new goal is clear, make a Leo & Satan episode where Leo goes through puberty.

Oney responds:

maybe someday :D


2011-05-16 22:51:43

if you stop sucking so much dick then you could still do leo's voice.
i know. its addicting, but i want the original leo's voice that i love and masturbate to.

Oney responds:

im sorry dude i literally cant do it anymore


2011-05-16 22:57:37

Make the next episode about Leo turning into an adult or something, so you don't have to get another voice actor :(

Oney responds:

the whole charm of it is he's a lil boy


2011-05-16 22:58:26

I agree with Krinkels, Leo goes thru puberty and his pubes scent brings forth a succubus :3

Oney responds:

sucubus ep will be made :P will credit you for the idea


2011-05-16 23:03:23

Wait, are you hitting puberty at 20?

Oney responds:

well i hiot puberty when i was 5, my voice got kinda weird over the last year tho


2011-05-16 23:05:11

Hail Satan


2011-05-16 23:23:59

Errr ... I don't think that link is workin :( Unless my comp has cached a session ...

I want r giv u muniez ....

Oney responds:

aww shyat well, there's a donate bootun at the top if you want, thanks bro :)


2011-05-16 23:24:32

Yeah 20 years old seems kind of wierd for you voice to finally finish changing from puberty mode. Anyways, the studio news is cool. Are they going to be animating a whole season worth of episodes over the summer? How many? And you've got them all written out already?

Oney responds:

i think its 10 episodes and yeah we have the ideas, just need to make them into scripts


2011-05-16 23:26:20

I am told constantly at school that I do an amazing Leo impersonation. I'd love to submit something and show you.

Oney responds:

if you wanna show me just make a youtube video and link me ;)


2011-05-16 23:26:27

My issues were more with the pacing the new episodes seem to have adopted then they are with the voices, but I will survive im sure.

Oney responds:

yeah we learnin tho, thanks bro


2011-05-16 23:39:39

like could I send you a voice demo?

Oney responds:

sure :)


2011-05-17 01:04:19

I can (could) do Leo's voice quite well but mine is breaking again too. We can have late growth spurts together. I'll see if I still can do the voice. If not good luck.

Oney responds:

kk dude


2011-05-17 01:33:34

Lol, I my sisters make me say the "shuga for yo'z pancakes" Bit. I've never really recorded it and listened to but I think I can do it.

Oney responds:

oh jawsh


2011-05-17 01:44:59

Will you still be submitting kick ass animations to the portal?

Oney responds:

yeah, but they wont be proper SWFs anymore :( video files within swfs :(


2011-05-17 02:50:22

Voice is all over the place attempting to do such a high pitch. I'll put together a demo reel. I'm sure there will be more characters since it'll be a bigger production.

Oney responds:

kk dude go for it


2011-05-17 03:18:18

Lol, my voice ain't getting any deep anytime soon now Bitchz!!!! HAHA!!! PUBERTY HIT ME LIKE A TISSUE BEING THROWN BY AN OLD LADY IN THAT DEPARTMENT! Although I am one hairy FUCKER!


2011-05-17 06:17:53

it was great to see you once again you fruit-o-licious bastard ;D

Oney responds:

you too young man


2011-05-17 06:41:12

You're getting your show animated. That's awesome as is! Congrats mate!

Oney responds:

thanks master ;)


2011-05-17 06:48:39

dude, get castrated in the name of art, we need Leo back :(

Oney responds:

k will do


2011-05-17 07:22:58

2 Qs:
1. Will you still be writing scripts for it?
2. How will Leo and Satan be distributed (tv, still on newgrounds)?

Oney responds:

gonna be putting them on weekly when summer is over. no det date yet, then newgrounds and youtube


2011-05-17 08:06:24

Try sucking a dick while voicing, always works for me...

Oney responds:



2011-05-17 08:22:49

Well, if you really do intend to search for another voice actor, you should create some kind of contest like Egoraptor did once with Girlchan in Paradise.

Personally, I like the current Leo voice.

Oney responds:

i might do that :o


2011-05-17 08:46:49

try hostin auditions for leo.. You never know who can do a great leo...hell even a girl can do his voice..

Oney responds:

hmmmmmmmmmmm :)


2011-05-17 08:54:12

Cant wait man

Oney responds:

me needer


2011-05-17 09:27:02

Your Go animate Flash really reminded me of Todd Mcfarlane's art style Google him if you dont know who he is,His one of the comic book legends/greats.

Oney responds:

yes ma'am


2011-05-17 10:42:14

Host an official Leo voice casting show. It would be bloody hilarious hearing all the people trying to immitate your voice.

Oney responds:

that would be pretty funny


2011-05-17 11:28:03

So you aren't animated leo and satan anymore and are getting some other people to do it? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA?

Good luck anyways, and don't you make enough money from YouTube rev to not need donations? Just Saiyan'

Oney responds:

read again, i have enough money to pay for the animation but if you want it to be any better donations are welcome


2011-05-17 12:14:40

You could make an episode where Leo gets all scared about his pubic hair
and Satan gives him a sex education class ...I'll be quiet now...

Oney responds:

maybe someday


2011-05-17 12:50:36

"standard of the 4th" ?

Oney responds:

the quality of animation, wont be better or worse


2011-05-17 13:03:41

I c4n voice to Pedro and Salen ?

Oney responds:

no hulalaoo you sick fuck


2011-05-17 13:27:43

You hated Drawn Together? You sick bastard!
Maybe its because I have the mental age of a 7 year old and it had cartoon boobies every once in a while, but I liked it. Even though it stole lots of jokes from other shows. That much I know.

But getting them to animate for you should be nice. Do you whip their backs with 9-tailed whips if they are going to slow like I imagine? I'm getting a Ben-Hur vibe off this situation.

Oney responds:



2011-05-17 13:48:23

how come you didn't answer my pm?

Oney responds:

i probably forgot too, what was it about?


2011-05-17 14:32:57

ahh mkay I googled it hoping to find what that expression meant and no dice. I
figured asking you would be easier. Never heard it before :)

That's not bad though I mean quality should be relatively the same it's not like your toons even looked poor to begin with.

Oney responds:

thanks man,i cant wait to see what they do with it


2011-05-17 14:54:00

Thank god for leo and satan! Love ya mista! and hope you can afford those guys.

Oney responds:

yeah man me too :O


2011-05-17 14:54:36

For someone who has 6PointHarness doing the animating work for them, you certainly don't seem too happy. But you're right, drawn together sucked. So maybe that's where the skepticism comes from. Good luck finding a new prepubescent voice.

Oney responds:

i'm extremely happy to have these guys, just kinda stressed getting it sorted out :P


2011-05-17 15:17:50

that means leo and satan will suck?

Oney responds:

we'll see :D


2011-05-17 15:55:12

You're 20, haven't you already gone through puberty? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Oney responds:

yeah my willy was hairy when i was 12 but i've always had a marty mcflyish voice. its getting raspier lately though


2011-05-17 16:17:11

I also was confused by the "standard of the 4th" but I think Oney meant that the animations is gonna have the same quality as Leo and Satan 4 (4th episode).

Btw, good luck man, do your best and forget to rest. My advice is to drink lots of coffee.


2011-05-17 17:22:26

thats a GAY faggot chris you oaf!!! why wont you get a job and a girl like the other boys?



2011-05-17 17:23:50

I can do a pretty accurate Satan, I'm also good with Leo


2011-05-17 18:06:39

Use Justin Boisvert he can also animate Leo and Satan and do all the voices he is 1 kewl dude!!!


2011-05-17 18:32:36

It was about my newest script that i hoped you would animate.
You Sean and I would do voices and whoever you know that is good with design can well design them. This is a script that my friend ben and myself worked days on of course. I will email you the script once you give me yours in pm and i will provide mine so you can give feedback. So how does it sound to you?


2011-05-17 18:48:20

u fucking jokester.


2011-05-17 19:31:40

I enjoy the things you do.


2011-05-17 19:52:10

I can do the voice listen
*clears throat*
*Shitty black Accent*
OM NOM NOM SATAN 666 69 upa da bum?
yayy for me... I'm Dying Chris..... Hold me