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2009-07-24 16:14:18 by Oney


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Got a new programmer, JoSilver!

Lets make this shit! ;)


New Stuff

2009-07-17 15:34:54 by Oney

I'm really starting to get into Music making. HappyHarry87952 introduced me to Reason almost a year ago, I've been picking up little tricks here and there, but I recently tried out fruity loops and boy howdy. It kicks reason's ass. Well with good samples anyway.

I made some new music, check em out!

Here's one I made with a pal.

And here's one I shat out myself.

Also I'm having a problem with crackling when the samples are loud, but if you turn em down, they're way to quiet. Any HELPS?

If you never knew the story of Eddsworld, erm

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Also, game is hold since my Programmer died. Oh well.

Here's a brand new screenshot anyways!


New Stuff

Stuff N'Shit

2009-07-02 19:34:11 by Oney

Crazy week. I've been contracted to RTÉ, (Irelands only fucking TV station) to make cartoons. Lets see how that works out.

Me and a fucking retardedly talented programmer have teamed up to make a game. Not power o' 3, just for fun. It's coming along swimmingly and looks to kick behind.

I'll be at the london meet, we can hold hands if you like. Keep an eye out for the game, we're really blasting through it.

Here's a informitive screenshot of what it'll include. SEE yuz next time!

Stuff N'Shit


2009-06-25 18:14:49 by Oney


New Toon

2009-06-12 22:38:24 by Oney


New Toon

2009-06-10 08:39:20 by Oney

It's really Long, you might want to go toilet first...

If you were to stupid to click that link click this one for extra cock points.

Enjoy it's Glory!

Horror Movies

2009-06-07 06:27:14 by Oney

I just saw Drag me to Hell and boy was it the best horror movie ever. It was genius, I can't remember the last time a horror movie impressed me so much. The Raimi brothers wrote it after they released Army of Darkness, but they only had the time to make it recently. Seriously, go see it. It's the perfect Movie to watch in a Theatre, everyone somehow bonds when watching it.

(there's an amazing lesbian scene as shown below)

Horror Movies


2009-05-25 07:36:00 by Oney

The-Exp used some of my music in Shift 4! Check it out on the front page, it's worth a play!

ps. don't go and see "I love you, man" I beg you


2009-05-03 07:58:33 by Oney

Look what I made

Susan Boyle

2009-04-24 11:52:21 by Oney

Heya NG,

I was bored so I made this.

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Gonna make an epic flash this summer. Seeyuz