Questions I always get asked

2011-11-12 13:38:37 by Oney

Q: Where did we get the idea for Leo and Satan?
A: Me and Sean just thought it'd be funny if the devil was a mischievous old man whose worst punishment was putting to much sugar on someones pancakes. Then we just decided to make a short cartoon of it, and it grew from there.

Q: What do I use to animate?
A: Adobe Flash CS3, why CS3? Cos it's the most stable version.

Q: Why do I have an American accent?
A: Watched to much TV as a kid and visited America ALOT.

Q: When's the next leo and satan?
A: I don't know, not for a while. We're dealing with legal issues. What legal issues? I can't tell you, sorry.

Q: Can you do Leo's voice?

Q: How big is my dick?
A: I dunno, it's to small to be measured.

Q: What's your equipment setup?
A: For animating I use a Wacom Cintiq 21UX Screen. For sound I use an Oktava MK319 mic, with a Yamaha Audiogram 3 interface.

Q: Are you a bronie?
A: You're a faggot.


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2011-11-12 13:46:24

bravo, very informative


2011-11-12 14:26:48

I have a question, are you gonna join the bandwagon and make a pony animation sometime just like a lot of people have? Most of them are good.


2011-11-12 20:57:19

but in one of sean plays minecraft videos, sean said you were watching my little pony D:


2011-11-13 01:15:02

you better come out with more leo and satan episodes It cant end now its just getting good!!


2011-11-13 13:53:39

you motherfucker, how did you get the mon for 21ux, and what was the previous tablet?


2011-11-14 12:25:30

one question. what channal is leo and satan going on.


2011-11-14 17:56:48

love the answer to the last question, keep up the good work!


2011-11-16 12:53:17

how expensive was the wacom cintiq 21ux screen? is it easier to use than a wacom tablet that is not directly used for a screen?


2011-11-18 10:55:31

is adobe flash CS3 better then macromedia flash 8 proeffesional?


2011-11-18 21:03:57

Good luck with the "legal issues".


2011-11-19 07:30:43

But i've seen a new episode of Leo & Satan on youtube on Oneys own Youtube channel. But that episode isn't on Newgrounds.
This is confusing.


2012-03-18 14:48:03

My Little Pony is for faggots.

End of story.


2012-03-25 19:08:30

May I ask what programs you use for your music? They all sound really nice.